Terms & Conditions

Airdock Alpha reserves the right to update terms & conditions at any time.

Intellectual Property

Airdock Alpha owns the rights to their IP sold and distributed on this website or affiliate platforms. Unless a contract grants exclusive rights to an end-user, we reserve the right to grant usage-rights to any first, second, or third party – including Airdock Alpha. For example, if Airdock Alpha is commissioned at a lower rate to create content that does not include exclusive rights, that property maintains ownership by Airdock Alpha and may be used by Airdock Alpha and usage rights may also be granted to outside parties.


We provide lifetime usage licenses for reusable assets such as fonts, graphic packs, sound packs, royalty-free music, web themes, and any other licensable intellectual property owned by Airdock Alpha. We reserve the right to revoke any licenses found to be in abuse of our terms and conditions. Assuming original ownership of our property, or attempting to resell said property will result in a nulled license agreement. Legal action may then be taken against offending parties.

We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone in violation of our policies.

General Philosophy

We believe licensing should be simple and straight-forward. Unless stated otherwise, licenses purchased are life-long per individual and include free updates provided the license is still active (not in violation of our terms). While this may change in the future, licenses purchased before changes to these terms will be grandfathered in.


We do not require attribution, although it is appreciated. We’d love to see what you create using anything you find here – feel free to tag us or update us with your creations!

Happy Creating!

Warmest Regards,
Airdock Alpha